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Explore Pre-Builts

A place where you will find all kind of pre-desiged and assembled PCs

Cyberpower PC

Price: 8,000 LE

GTA 5 System

Price: 11,700 LE

Warzone System

Price: 18,500 LE

Valorant System

Price: 60,900 LE

Avengers build (choose your processor)

Price: 6,600 LE

PRO Build

Price: 8,500 LE

MAX Build

Price: 6,150 LE

Cyberpunk System

Price: 31,650 LE

battlefield System

Price: 16,400 LE


Price: 16,550 LE

PUBG PC System

Price: 10,650 LE


Price: 26,250 LE

Game of Thrones

Price: 17,850 LE

Fortnite System

Price: 26,000 LE

Black Eagle build

Price: 26,300 LE

Warzone PC

Price: 16,999 LE