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Shipping & returns

Dear customer, please read the following terms to facilitate providing you with the best service:

First: the hardware

  1. The warranty period is 11 months from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects and no Softwa.r malfunction. For: -Mother Board - Ram - CPU - Printer - Scanner - Monitor - Hard Disk
  2.  The maintenance period is approximately 15 days. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, official holidays and holidays are not taken into account
  3.  Anything that has the serial number removed or the warranty sticker scratched, or with a cut in the track, burned, broken, scratched, written, misused, leakage of liquids, or combustion due to electricity becomes out of warranty.
  4. Please make sure to try any parts of maintenance before receiving.
  5. The value of the returned goods is determined and the item re-evaluated on the basis of a 4% monthly deduction from the purchase price calculated from the date of purchase until the end of the warranty period
  6. In order to complete the return procedures, the product must be returned as it has been fully received with all components and its external packaging.
  7.  In the event that the alternative product does not exist, the product's life expires, or its production is stopped, the item is re-evaluated according to the company's discretion, and the amount is placed in the customer's account to buy any other product or pay the difference between the product price according to the company's evaluation and a similar product with higher specifications.
  8.  In the event that the product is delivered to the warranty, all the attachments that are received upon purchase are received. If all the product attachments are not completed, they are not included in the warranty in all cases of deficiency of the accessories internally or externally, and the warranty is void.
  9. The opinion of the companies supplying parts is considered categorical in the event of failure to maintain or replace a particular piece due to misuse

 Return or exchange the product

First: Cases of product return or exchange:

  1.  There is a manufacturing defect in the product.
  2.  In the event that more than fourteen days have passed since the date of purchase, refunds or exchanges are subject to the rules of product warranty imposed by the agent of each product, "Please review the warranty certificates for the products."

Second: Conditions for returning or exchanging products:

  1. That no more than fourteen days have passed since the date of the purchase invoice
  2.  The product package is closed (not completely opened). And to be in its original condition.
  3.  All labels on the box should not be removed, including the Global Product Code stickers
  4. That no more than fourteen days have passed since the date of the purchase invoice.
  5.  All labels on the box must be unbroken, including the UPC labels, Kaiser IT company code stickers, and any other advertising stickers.
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